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Trans Chem Coatings - Industrial Finishes

Our Mission                        

The mission of Trans Chem Coatings is to provide the highest quality industrial coatings, custom product  development and excellent customer service to manufacturers and the metal finishing industry.

Trans Chem Products

Trans Chem Coatings: Manufacturer of  Industrial Primer & Paint, Polyurethane & Epoxy Industrial Coatings. Serving the commercial and aerospace industry since 1968.

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1680 Miller Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90063
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For Mil-Spec Primer and Paint, QPL, Polyurethane & Epoxy consider Transchem products for your metal finishing requirements. Neoink - Neon Optical Glass, Thermal, Metallic, OEM Machinery, Corrosion Protective, Thin Film Protective Waterborne Primer & Paint for Metal Finishing, Fasteners, OEM Machinery, Glass, Concrete
  • Transchem Industrial MIL Spec Paint & Primers, QPL, Qualified Product List, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Alkyd, Hi Heat, mil-prf-85285, mil-prf-85285d, mil-prf-85285e, mil-prf-23377, mil-prf-23377g, mil-prf-23377h, mil-prf-23377j, mil-prf-23377k, mil-c-22750, mil-prf-22750f, mil-prf-22750g, mil-prf-85582, mil-prf-85582d, mil-prf-85582e, mil-l-81352, mil-prf-81352b, mil-prf-81352c, tt-e-529, mil-p-14105, mil-prf-14105d, mil-p-53022, mil-prf-53022b, mil-dtl-53022b, mil-p-53030, mil-prf-53030d, mil-prf-53030e, mil-t-81772, mil-prf-81772b

Transchem Industrial Paint & Primer: Polyurethane, Mil-Spec, mil-prf-85285, mil-prf-85285d, mil-prf-85285e, ty1, mil-c-85285, ty2, mil-p-23377, mil-prf-23377, mil-prf-23377g, mil-prf-23377h, mil-prf-23377k, Polyurethane, Epoxy, mil-c-22750, mil-prf-22750, mil-prf-22750f, mil-prf-22750g, primer & top coats, mil-prf-22750, alkyd tt-e-529, tt-e-529g, mil-prf-85582 waterborne epoxy, mil-prf-85582d, mil-prf-85582e, lacquer mil-l-81352, mil-prf-81352, mil-prf-81352b, mil-prf-81352c, hi heat mil-p-14105, epoxy white primer mil-p-53022, waterborne white epoxy primer mil-p-53030, reducer mil-t-81772 ty1, mil-t-81772 ty2, mil-t-81772 ty3, neoink neon glass and optical coating, waterborne, corrosion protective metal finishing - waterborne, thin film, thermal, optical, neon neoink, fasteners, concrete, metallic, corrosion protective, concrete epoxy, metallic concrete machinery fasteners, glass thin film thermal. mil-L-81352, mil-p-14105, mil-p-53022, mil-p-53030, mil-prf-22750, mil-prf-85582, tt-e-529