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MSDS Catalyst


Wash Primer, Acid Etch

VY-113-3 Yellow (DOD-P-15328)

Mil-C-8514C Yellow

VY-116-3 Black Non-Chromate,  VY-117-3 White Non-Chromate

Product Description

Pretreatment wash primer for use on clean metal surfaces of all types as a treatment prior to application of coating system.

2 component, air dry.

Intended Use

Applied to metal parts to increase adhesion of coating systems.

Not intended to be a protective coating in itself.

Application Procedure

Metal Preparation: All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, degreased, free of rust, oxides or other surface impurities.

1) Mix well, 1:1 Base and Catalyst. Slowly add acid component to base while stirring.

2) Reduce with VY Reducer as required (optional)

3) Apply with spray gun. Coating thickness of dry film; .00076 to .00127 cm

4) Air Dry. <30 minutes, depending on humidity

Physical Properties

Catalyze: 1:1 by Volume

Pot Life: 4 Hours

App. temp: Ambient (< 90 deg F)

Cure: Air Dry

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture

Storage: Store in closed container

Store between 32 deg F and 115 deg F