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MSDS Catalyst

Polyurethane Enamel 8800 Series,

Hi Solids, Low VOC, Mil-PRF-85285

Product Description

8800 series Polyurethane Enamel is a high solids, low voc, 2 component system designed to meet the requirements of Mil-PRF-85285.

Intended Use

For high quality, air dry finishes (or force dry)

Good acid, alkali and solvent resistance, including jet fuels and hydraulic fluids

Excellent toughness, flexibility, abrasion and impact resistance

Excellent dry time and catalyzed pot life

Use: from light duty industrial applications to heavy duty maintenance such as chemical storage tanks, corrosive environments, offshore rigs and platforms. Good outdoor durability and ultra violet light resistance.

Application Procedure

Metal Preparation: All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, degreased, free of rust, oxides or other surface impurities. Recommended pretreatments:

Aluminum – Chemical Conversion Coat

Steel – Phosphate Coat or Acid Etch Primer

Stainless Steel or Titanium – Abrasive Clean

Non-Metal Parts – Has excellent adhesion to plastics, Lexon, Lucite, Plexiglass, ABS, Polystyrene.

1) Catalyze 3 parts of Urethane Base to 1 part of Urethane Catalyst* by volume. Add the catalyst* to the base. Allow to stand for 30 minutes before use (optional).

2) Reduce with Polyurethane Reducer, R-U (uses voc exempt solvents), apx 1 quart per gal of mixed polyurethane/ catalyst* as required.

Pot life of catalyzed material is 4 to 8 hours at room temperature. (prolonged by refrigeration)

Never mix catalyzed material with fresh material.

Do not stir polyurethane and catalyst* with the same knife. Avoid cross contamination.

Spray evenly with air pressure apx 45 to 55 psi. (for texture coat use apx 15 to 25 psi).

Physical Properties

VOC: Catalyzed and Reduced with R-U Reducer: <2.5 Lbs/Gal

Color: Fed-Std 595 (most colors, gloss, semi gloss and flat, smooth or textured)

Dilution: Reduce with Polyurethane Reducer R-U (uses voc exempt solvents) apx 1

quart to 1 gal of polyurethane/ catalyst* mix.

Wt/Gal 10.1 to 11.0 Lbs/ Gal

App.temp: Ambient (< 90 degF)

Cure: Air dry, ambient for 24 hours

or force cure, 200 deg F 30 minutes.

Shelf Life: 1 year stored in sealed container at < 90 degF

Storage: Store in closed container

Do not allow to freeze. Store between 32 deg F and 100 deg F

Health: See MSDS


* Catalyst –same as hardener